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5 Reasons to Leave Electrical Projects to the Pros

Although it’s tempting to attempt, even the most seasoned handyperson needs to be careful about performing do it yourself electrical work. When it comes to wiring projects and repairs, working with electricity falls into the category of DDIY (don’t do it yourself). If you tamper with wiring in your home, you can put yourself at risk — and you might even be breaking the law.

1. Troubleshooting problem outlets is hazardous
Outlets that are hot to the touch, buzzing or only working intermittently are symptoms of serious underlying problems. For even the most intrepid weekend-repair warriors, these aren’t things to tinker with; serious injury can occur if you aren’t experienced in diagnosing or repairing these issues. A problematic outlet can pose a fire hazard if left unrepaired, and tampering with it can create sparks that trigger a fire, which is why enlisting the services of a reliable repairperson is crucial.

2. Installing hot tub wiring is complex
Installing a hot tub and its wiring are other electrical projects some homeowners try to DIY. By law, hot tubs require a ground fault circuit interrupter (GCFI); installation is typically too complicated for someone inexperienced with wiring. You also need a manual disconnect device — another tricky installation. Because water is involved, this is dangerous work best left to professionals.

3. Adding smoke detectors means safety first
When installing safety equipment in your home, it’s imperative that it works properly to keep you safe. Hard-wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors require expertise in safely running cabling and wires to the alarms — and connecting it all to your breaker panel. Any mistake along the way could put your safety at risk.

4. Upgrading switches and outlets is risky
Adding or upgrading switches and outlets makes using appliances, lamps and laptops more convenient around the house. When DIYing, you can also wind up with non-functional outlets from even the simplest of mistakes. Many homes have switch-driven outlets, and replacing these is difficult. Save yourself the hassle (and risk) and hire a licensed electrician.

5. Considering safety, the law and legal risk is essential
In many areas, an electrician’s license is required to perform electrical work in a residence or business. If you decide to DIY, you risk not only hurting yourself but also creating a legal hazard. Suppose you rewire an outlet and a guest in your home is injured because of the faulty wiring. They may sue, and because you didn’t use a licensed contractor, your homeowner’s insurance likely won’t cover the claim.

If you tamper with your wiring and start a house fire, it’s doubtful your insurer will cover repair costs. In addition, for many types of electrical work you need a permit, which DIYers frequently fail to obtain. This can open you up to legal action by the local city or county.

Attempting DIY electrical work without the proper education puts you, your family and your finances at risk. Contact the experienced, licensed professionals at Clover Electric today to get your project started.

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