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Don't DIY: Guide to Electrical Projects 

Unless you have training and extensive professional experience, electrical work isn't a safe do-it-yourself project. Basic tasks like adding a new switch plate are safe enough, but anything beyond that should be left to a licensed professional. Wiring and electrical work are delicate, and there are numerous safety issues at play. Performing faulty repairs is dangerous for you and your home. If you have any of these projects on your to-do list, call a trusted professional instead.

Switch and Outlet Repair
Do you know why most electrical outlets fail? This relatively common problem may be due to a variety of wiring issues. For example, most household devices are rated for copper wiring. If your home wiring is aluminum, that could spell trouble. It poses a fire hazard unless you switch to devices rated specifically for aluminum wiring or have an electrician install copper wiring.

Hot or Buzzing Outlets
If you hear buzzing coming from your outlet, or if you touch the cover and it feels warm or hot, call an electrician immediately. Various underlying problems can cause this — and they all have serious ramifications if they're left unfixed or fixed incorrectly. Loose wire connections, reversed polarity and a bad breaker can all contribute to buzzing outlets. They can also leave your home vulnerable to an electrical fire.

Ceiling Fan Installation
Most ceiling fan installations require the fan to be wired into the home's existing wiring. If you're installing a ceiling fan in a spot where there wasn't already a fixture, the project becomes more complex. In either case, it's essential that the wiring is done according to local building code. The best way to achieve this is by hiring a knowledgeable electrician to do the work.

Outdoor Wiring
Outdoor outlets need weather protection and a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). Adding a single outlet for running a radio or a television might only require connecting to interior wiring, but anything more needs its own dedicated circuit. In either case, this type of project must be done by a licensed electrician. Otherwise you leave your home vulnerable to fire, and your home insurance policy might not cover damage caused by faulty DIY electrical work.

Installations Involving Water
Because of the risk that the combination of electricity and water poses, hot tubs have their own National Electric Code (NEC) section. Adhering to these guidelines is essential in keeping hot tub installers and users safe. Flexible connections, GFCIs, emergency shutoffs and proper bonding are all essential in the installation process. You might be able to find information about how to do these things online, but would you really want to take the risk?

Save yourself time and hassle — let the experienced, licensed professionals at Clover Electric handle your electrical work and repairs. We've been serving the Cleveland area for more than 30 years. Call us at 855-543-1153 to schedule an appointment today.

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