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Spring Home Electrical Repair Checklist

Outdoor Electrical Check

Spring Home Electrical Repair Checklist

Winter weather can be harsh on outdoor electrical components.  Heavy snows, drifting, ice dams, high winds and snow plows can all take a toll.  That’s why you should have a look around your yard and see what needs to be repaired.  You might be surprised what you find!  

As your home gets older, so does your electrical system.  It won’t last forever.  But you can make it last longer with routine maintenance and simple repairs.  The first step is to do a visual inspection to see if anything obvious has happened.  Look for broken fixtures, downed tree branches and faulty power outlets.

We’ve created a Springtime Checklist so you won’t miss a thing.
  • Check all power outlets to make sure they are working.  Note:  Exterior electrical outlets should have covers to keep out moisture.  Check to see that the seals are closing tightly.
  • Electrical code requires the use of ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets outdoors. GFCI outlets shut off when there’s a short circuit.  If your outlets aren’t GFCI, we can install them for you.
  • Check all exterior decorative lighting such as porch lights, on the front and back of the house.  If their working, chances are their OK.   If they’re cracked or hanging off the house, they need to be repaired.  It might be a good time to replace those lights with something new!  Clover can install any light you buy at the big box stores.
  • Do you have a pole light in the yard?  Does it work?  Was it buried by the snow plows this winter?  Pole lights are often ignored.  They add a nice glow to your yard and add a lot of curb appeal.  Clover Electric can repair, replace or update your pole light to welcome your family home at night.
  • Landscape lighting takes a major hit in the winter!  Buried under ice and snow for 4 months, many systems fail to come on in the spring.  Give yours a try.  If you have any lights out, we can replace them.   If you don’t have landscape lighting you don’t know what you’re missing!   We can make recommendations and set you up with a landscape lighting system that extends your outdoor space, adds curb appeal and provides safety in the dark spaces around your home.
  • Look around your yard for trees that are coming close to power lines.  This is a very dangerous situation.  High winds during summer storms could leave you without power for days.  While Clover Electric can’t help you with tree branch removal, we can install a whole home backup generator to keep the lights, A/C, appliances, TVs, computers and garage door working until the power comes back on. 
If you’re unsure about the safety or reliability of your electrical system, give us a call.  We can perform a Whole Home Safety Evaluation so you’ll have peace of mind knowing everything is good to go for this summer.

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Clover CaresDid you know that when Cover Electric removes a light fixture or ceiling fan from a home it’s donated to help others in our community?

We perform a safety check to make sure it’s in good working condition and ready for its next home.

It's just one way we help support local families, and keep electronic waste out of landfills.

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