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5 Electrical Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home

Under Cabinet Lighting

1. A Well-lit Laundry Room. Doing the daily laundry chores could be a lot more pleasant with great lighting.  Most homes use 4-foot fluorescent tube lighting.  When it’s not flickering or buzzing it’s probably not working at all.  Clover Electric recommends recessed lighting.  Recessed lighting fills the space with warm, comfortable light that’s directed at the tasks being performed.   Add a fresh coat of paint, a new wire shelf and your new laundry room is all ready to go.

2. Landscape Lighting.
  Landscape lighting highlights trees and plantings and creates dramatic accents to your home.  It makes your home more inviting and provides an extra layer of safety around your home.  There are many types of landscape lighting options that you can choose from to make your home really light up.  Here are a few that we offer:
  • Up Lights - These are lights that are installed below a tree or structure and are meant to light upwards.
  • Down lights - They are installed at a high level and are used to highlight objects below. These are also great if you want to improve security and safety in an area.   
  • Accent Lights - These are strategically placed lights used to highlight a specific landscape feature.  
  • Path Lights - These are lights installed to illuminate walkways or steps for safety and security purposes. Path lights can also be used in driveways.
Clover Electric is your landscape lighting specialist.  We offer the highest quality products and use best trained installers.  Call today and learn more about landscape lighting for you home.

3. Ceiling Fan Installation.
   According to the National Association of Home Builders, ceiling fans were the most-wanted decorative home feature by potential buyers.  The best part is they are extremely efficient and can save you energy dollars year-round.   In the winter, a ceiling fan can be reversed and draw down the warm air from the ceiling to mix with the cool air below.  In the summer, you reverse the direction of the fan blades creating a wind chill effect to keep the room cool. According to Energy.Gov, this allows you to raise your thermostat by four degrees without a reduction in comfort while the fan is in use.

4. Home Rewiring.
  No, it’s not an exciting feature but to a potential new homeowner it’s a BIG DEAL!  Plus, new wiring in your home adds peace of mind knowing your home is safe and secure for many years to come.

5. Under Cabinet Lighting. 
Kitchen prep, cooking and cleaning is better with under-cabinet lighting from Clover Electric. Kitchen under-cabinet lighting can not only make simple kitchen tasks easier, it can create a whole new mood for a romantic, late evening dinner or a comfortable night light for midnight snackers! 

Overhead lighting is standard for most homes. But as you remodel your spaces you should also consider installing under cabinet lighting. Under-cabinet lighting refers to light fixtures installed on the underside of cabinets. They make working in the kitchen easier by keeping your countertop surfaces out of the shadows. 

Under-cabinet lighting isn’t just for the kitchen. You can use it wherever you have installed cabinets, including the great room, bedroom, even the laundry room. Installing under cabinet lighting makes a huge difference in the look of a space. Your new space will evolve with a warmer, more contemporary look.
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