6 Tips for Window A/C Safety

Window AC Safety

  1. NEVER connect a window A/C unit to an extension cord. Extension cords can’t handle as much electricity as permanent wiring. If you use an extension cord to plug in your AC unit the cord can overheat and start a fire.
  2. Window A/C units are designed to be run on a dedicated circuit. This means that nothing else should be plugged in to the same out or same circuit as the A/C.   Overloading the circuit will trip breakers and can be dangerous.
  3. Check the cord and outlet to make sure they’re not getting warm. If they feel hot to the touch then you’re overloading the circuit.
  4. Do your lights dim when the A/C turns on? If so, this is a sign the circuit may be overloaded and should be upgraded.
  5. Never use a window A/C unit if your home still has knob and tube wiring. Knob and tube wiring was never designed to have high demand appliance loads on them. Over heating and fire could result.
  6. NO CHEATING! Always plug in your window A/C in to a three-prong, grounded outlet. Never use the two-prong plug adapter to plug it in.
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