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Circuit Breaker Services
At Clover Electric, we pride ourselves on being Greater Cleveland’s trusted choice for all residential electrical services. With decades of experience, our team ensures your home's electrical systems are safe, efficient, and up to code.

Our Circuit Breaker Services Include:

Circuit Breaker Replacement
Over time, circuit breakers can wear out. Signs of a failing circuit breaker include continual tripping and flickering lights. Ensure your home's safety with timely replacements by the certified electricans at Clover Electric.

Circuit Breaker Installation
Upgrading or adding new appliances? We’ll make sure your electrical system can handle the load. Whether it's a dedicated circuit for a new EV charger or a 220-volt circuit for a new appliance, we have you covered.

Troubleshooting & Repairs
Experiencing flickering lights or frequent trips? Let us diagnose and solve the problem for you. If a circuit breaker trips more than once, don't reset it. It's a safety system that prevents an electrical overload and fire. Call Clover Electric to have the breaker checked.

Panel Upgrades
Enhance your home’s electrical capacity with our service panel upgrade services. We can safely replace your old knob-and-tube system with a new service panel and rewire your home.

Safety Inspections
Regular electrical inspections can prevent potential hazards and costly repairs, particularly if your home is older, or you're buying a new home.

How often should I replace my circuit breakers?

While circuit breakers can last for decades, it's recommended to have them inspected every few years. Signs of wear or frequent tripping may indicate a need for replacement.

Can I install a circuit breaker myself?

For safety and code compliance, it's recommended to have a licensed electrician handle any electrical work in your home.

For professional electrical services in the Greater Cleveland Area, call Clover Electric.

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