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Garage Lighting and Convenient Electrical Upgrades

Visualize yourself standing in the middle of your garage.  Now, look up.  What do you see?  If your garage is like most, you’re staring at a single, dim bare light bulb covered in cob webs.  

Wouldn’t it be nice to light up your garage so you can use it for more than parking your car and unloading groceries?  

Clover Electric gets requests all the time to install bright, even lighting in garages and work spaces.  Our recommendation is to install power-saving LED lighting that’s placed across the entire garage so you have even lighting no matter where you are in the garage.  A well-lit garage is like an expansion of your home.  Lights over a work bench take the worry out of messy projects and make for fast clean up.
  • Do you have a green thumb?  Clover Electric can install LED grow lights to get your vegetable garden going early.
  • Do you have a collector car and want to show it off in your garage?  How about some ribbon LEDs along the ceiling or installed under cabinets?  
  • Are you a DIYer?  Good task lighting will help you get the job done faster and eliminate eye strain.

Garage Light Motion Sensor

Another great option for garage lighting that no one ever thinks about is installing a motion sensor.   When you drive in to your garage you’re greeted by a couple of puny light bulbs on your garage door opener.  If Clover Electric installed a motion sensor, the movement of the garage door would turn on your overhead lights lighting your way in to the garage.  Then, they would stay on for a predetermined amount of time before automatically shutting off.  Very convenient and saves electricity!

Additional Outlets

When garages are built, they typically install outlets in the ceiling for the garage door openers and a single outlet on the wall in the most inconvenient place imaginable!  Today’s garage activities need more outlets.  If you have a work bench, you need outlets.  You need outlets to plug in power tools, charge batteries, run a spare refrigerator, power the sprinkler system and even plug in a radio or TV.  Clover Electric can put together a plan for outlets to meet your needs, no matter how you use your garage.  We’ll even make sure the outlets we install are GFCI outlets so that can be safely used in case the area gets wet.

Light up your garage with Clover Electric!
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