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Landscape lighting plays an important part of a successful landscape design. You work hard to make your home’s landscaping look beautiful during the day. With landscape lighting, it can take on a whole new, stunning look at night. It highlights trees and plantings, creates dramatic accents to your home and is a great background during evening gatherings. Outdoor lighting can also enhance the functionality of outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor lighting Adds Value to Your Home in Four Ways:

Curb Appeal – When you add light to the exterior of your home you are enhancing the beauty of the home. Lighting added to trees and shrubs gives an inviting look to your home. Highlights down walkways, the driveway, gardens and water features increase the safety of your home and make your home more friendly and welcoming.

Relaxing – Mood lighting around a hot tub, pool or patio area creates a relaxing and comforting environment.

Value – Homes with professionally installed landscape lighting typically appraise higher than homes without.

Safety and Security – Prowlers love the dark. By adding landscape lighting to the perimeter of your home you are saying “stay away”. Give your family a sense of security while adding beauty to your home.

Whether it is landscape lighting, accent lighting or motion activated lighting, we can do it all. Clover Electric is your outdoor and landscape lighting specialist. We offer the highest quality products and use best trained installers. Call today and learn more about landscape lighting for your home.
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