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Light Up the Night With Safety and Security Lighting

Safety and Security LightingClover Electric can light up all of the dark and scary places around your home. We can add a light to a driveway, sidewalk, front or back door and all of those places you don’t want to go to at night!

Here are a few ideas on how we can light up your night!

Front Porch Lighting – A front porch light is not only beautiful to look at it also serves to secure your property from vandals. Clover Electric can install any big box lighting purchase or give you lots of options for incandescent and LED lighting.

Landscape Lighting - Landscape lighting plays an important part of a successful landscape design. You work hard to make your home’s landscaping look beautiful during the day. With landscape lighting, it can take on a whole new, stunning look at night. Landscape lighting highlights trees and plantings, creates dramatic accents to your home and is a great background during evening gatherings. There are many types of landscape lighting options that you can choose from to make your home really light up!

LED Flood Lights - LED flood lights produce bright white light, which it shines out over a very wide area. LED flood lights are great to lighting up back yards, play areas, work areas and anywhere you need the security of a bright light. LED flood lights last longer than traditional incandescent or halogen lights, are unaffected by cold temperatures and produce a light very similar to daylight. Best of all, they are very energy efficient so you can leave them on all night long.

Post Lights – Do you have lamp post light that doesn’t light? Clover Electric can get it going again. Lamp post lights are inviting and offer security around the front of your home. If you want to add a post light, Clover can do that, too! WE can run the wires, set the light and connect everything to a switch inside you home.

Security Lighting - Outdoor lighting does more than just accent the beauty of your home. It is a first line of defense in the security of your property. Exterior lighting is a powerful deterrent against home invasion and other property crimes. A well-lit property means there is nowhere to hide and nowhere to break in without being seen.

Some security lighting options include:
  • Security Lights with Timers
  • Motion Sensor Lighting
  • Low Voltage Lighting
  • Random Pattern Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting You Control From Your Bedroom
  • Key Chain Remote For Triggering Lights As Your Drive Up
Holiday Lighting - A few convenient exterior outlets can make holiday light decorating a snap! Clover Electric can put an outlet anywhere you want your lights from the porch to the peak of your home! You’re still in charge of handing the lights! Today’s savvy holiday displays have strategically placed outlets all around the exterior of the home and in the landscaping. This allows for easy installation, easy removal and eliminates all of those extension cords. Just 3 or 4 exterior outlets can make your holiday display shine! Plus, you can use those outlets for summer projects and landscape lighting.

Call Clover Electric to light up your night! You’ll be glad you called.
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