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Power Strip Safety Tips

The Do’s, Dont's and NEVERS About Power Strips

Power Strip Safety Tips

  • Only use small appliances on power strips including computers, lamps, clocks, etc.
  • Make sure your power strips have an internal circuit breaker. This is a very important safety measure to prevent property loss and risks of fire.
  • Use power strips only as needed for short periods of time. They aren’t designed to be used for extended periods of time and can overheat quickly.
  • Don’t plug a power strip into another power strip.  This can short out appliances and increases the risk of an electrical fire.
  • Don’t use power strips in wet areas. This includes kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements.
  • Don’t use a power strip if it feels hot. This can lead to a fire!
Never cover, staple, tack or nail a power strip to anything. Never cover a power strip.  This can cause heat buildup and possibly start a fire.

Clover Electric Recommends Installing Additional Outlets

Instead of risking a fire, put a few outlets where you need them!  Additional outlets can provide a safe and dependable solution to power strips.  Call today.  One of our qualified electricians can install a new outlet anywhere you like.  (Yes, we love a challenge!)
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