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The Advantages of Retrofitting Lighting Fixtures For LEDs

LED Light Fixture Installation Cleveland

You may have seen LED light bulbs at your local big box store. These plug-and-play light bulbs can easily be screwed into a standard light socket, replacing older style light bulbs. While more expensive than traditional incandescent, halogen and CFL bulbs, LEDs offer a significant efficiency gain and will last for many years before needing replacement.

With screw-in LEDs it's important to never exceed the maximum wattage warning on the light fixture. LED bulbs are also incompatible with most lamps and fixtures connected to a dimmer switch.

While screw-in LED bulbs are quick and easy to install, there is an alternative to consider – upgrading to LED light fixtures. While LED fixtures must be installed by an electrician, and will cost more up front, they offer many advantages, including:

• They are smaller and more visually appealing than older, larger fixtures
• They offer even longer lifespan than most current screw-in LED bulbs.
• They offer maximum control over light design, including placement, color and intensity – perfect for situations where lighting design is important
• Have lower maximum fixture wattage than traditional fixtures, which is important for meeting strict building codes or Title 24 standards
• Offer higher performance for controls and dimming

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