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When you think about surge protection for your home you probably never think that the source of the damaging electric surges are coming from inside your home.  It’s true!  The average home might experience hundreds of these damaging electrical surges every day.  Where are they coming from?  It’s all of your appliances, computers and electronics.

Surge Protection ReceptacleThese electrical surges, or fluctuations in voltage, can wear down and damage all of the electronics in your home.

Picture this.  Your refrigerator and microwave are both using power from the same circuit.  When the microwave is turned on it sends a dip in power along the circuit to the refrigerator.  After the dip in power comes a surge in power.  This fluctuation in power to the appliance where the problem occurs.  Electrical fluctuations affect the sensitive circuit boards in today’s modern appliances.  Plus, very sensitive electronics such as computers, televisions, and audio equipment can be particularly susceptible if proper measures aren’t taken to eliminate the problem.

The damage caused by these minor power fluctuations is instantaneous, and may not show up right away.  Mike Talty, second generation electrician at Clover Electric says, “Hundreds of these power fluctuations happen every day between appliances and electronics.  You think everything is fine, then one day your microwave stops working because the circuit board is fried.” 

The solution?  Clover Electric recommends a surge protection outlet for the complete protection of valuable appliances and electronics.  A surge protection outlet blocks the dangerous fluctuations in power, and protects components from failing.  It looks like a regular outlet, but behind the cover plate is an appliance and electronics lifesaver!

Power StripWhat about power strips?  Power strips offer a false sense of security.  Most have a breaker that can trip the circuit, but usually by the time this happens the damage is done.  This solution is a surge protection power strip from Clover Electric.  We offer a high-quality power strip that can save you the headache and expense of repairing or replacing valuable electronics and computers.

For complete protection of your home Clover recommends a whole home surge protection device.  A whole home surge protection unit will divert damaging electrical surges from lightning strikes and power grid surges from coming in to your home, sending them safely in to a ground wire.  

Surge protection is a complicated thing, but Clover Electrical can make it easy.   Call today to protect your valuable electronics.
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