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Identifying Electrical Panel Switches

A Guide To Properly Labeling Your Electrical Panel

Circuit Breaker LabelsProperly labeling your electrical panel is very important. How many times have you flipped an electrical panel breaker switch on and off trying to locate a specific outlet? Many of us have…and many of us have had to reset a few clocks around the house!

In case of an emergency, it’s a good idea to know where to shut off the power. Here are some tips from Clover Electric to help you identify which switch controls each area of your home.
  1. Start off with a piece of paper numbered from 1 to about 30. These numbers correlate with the numbers stamped on the breaker panel.
  2. The next part will be easily done with two people. Turn on all the lights and TVs in the house. One person turns off the breaker number 1. The other person watches for which lights go out. Once you figure out what switch number one controls you can move on to number two!
  3. If you can’t figure out which breakers go with which areas of your home, improper wiring could be the issue. Give Clover Electric a call. We can trace the wires to see where go. PLUS, Clover Electric can make sure your electrical panel is safe to operate.
Need some help identifying your electrical panel switches? Clover Electric can help.
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