Water Damage and Electrical Problems

Water Damage and Electrical Problems

Flooded Basements and Leaking Roofs Lead to Fire Danger

Water Damage and Electrical Problems

Wait a second!  Clover Electric has great electricians, so why are we talking about water damage in your home?  That’s because water and electricity don’t mix.

No matter what time of year, you need to be aware of the dangers water and electricity can do to your home and your family’s safety.  In the summertime, driving rains and storm damage can force water in to your home.  In the winter, ice dams can cause extensive damage to ceilings, walls and floors.  With all of this water infiltration it’s bound to come in contact with your electrical system.  For example:

  • Water seeping in because of ice dams can make its way to ceiling fixtures and short them out.  Electrical wires exposed to water may corrode.  This can cause faulty connections and lead to lose connections.  This is a fire hazard.
  • Water coming in through the siding or widows will make its way to switches and outlets.  This is a shocking hazard.
  • If water is seeping in near your electrical panel, you need to call Clover Electric right away!  This is a VERY dangerous situation.
  • Buzzing wires are a warning sign not to ignore.  If you hear buzzing in an appliance, switch, outlet, light or electrical panel, DON’T touch!  This means it’s holding a charge that will shock you the instant you touch it.

Wires or electrical devices that have been exposed to water should be replaced.  The only exception to this rule would include heavy-duty outdoor lighting equipment.

If you’re dealing with water in your home, here are a few more tips to follow:

  1. Test your sump pump to make sure it’s operational.
  2. Clean the dehumidifier so it’s not overworked.
  3. Make sure drying fans are plugged directly into the wall, and not using extension cords.
  4. Make sure you have working smoke detectors near any drying work you are doing. Don’t forget to test them and change the batteries.

And, if you have any concerns with your home’s electrical system, call Clover Electric for a Whole Home Safety Evaluation.  You’ll be glad you called!

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