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Thunderstorm at night; house shines light with backup generator as surrounding area is dark with no power.

Think About Everything You Lose When The Power Goes Out…

  • Lights go dark and the TV is off.
  • Temperatures can reach unhealthy levels.
  • Computers and internet service go down.
  • Online schooling stops.
  • Home offices go dark.
  • Appliances no longer operate.
  • Food in your refrigerator spoils.
  • Garage doors won’t open.
  • Electric vehicles can’t be charged.
  • Wells and septic systems shut down.
  • Sump pumps fail.
  • Pipes may freeze.
  • Life support systems fail.
  • Security systems become inoperable.

Sooner or later, the power will go out at your Cleveland home and you’ll need the reliability of a Kohler automatic generator. A Kohler automatic generator installed by Clover Electric will ensure that you and your family are protected from the elements and your daily routine is never interrupted.

Look at a generator as a little peace of mind when you’re out of town and away from your home, or at home weathering a storm. Like any insurance policy, a generator is something you buy hoping it won’t be needed. But when you do need it, you’ll be glad it’s there.

How Does a Kohler Automatic Generator Work?

a Kohler backup generator in a homeowners yard

When the power fails because of a summer thunderstorm, a winter ice storm, or a power grid failure, the generator will immediately kick on.

The automatic transfer switch immediately shuts off the main supply and starts the generator.

The generator’s electrical output is sent to the designated emergency circuits in your house, and you’re back up and running. This all happens in about 15 seconds!

When the power returns to the grid, the generator shuts down automatically and goes into standby mode for the next outage.

Why Choose A Kohler Generator?

  • Automatically turns on when the power goes out
  • Automatically turns off when power is restored
  • Provides ample power to power your entire home
  • Runs off your home’s existing natural gas or propane supply
  • Delivers safe power – no risk to sensitive electronics 
  • They are extremely quiet
  • Clover Electric customizes your generator to meet your family’s unique needs
  • Peace of mind with Kohler’s five-year, 2,000-hour premium warranty

Why Choose Clover Electric to Install Your  Kohler Generator?

Locally Owned & Operated Since 1985

Clover Electric is a family-owned business. We believe in integrity, expertise, and genuine customer service. We would never offer a product we wouldn’t put in our own home. That’s why we’re proud to offer Kohler generators, the best on the market.

Our generator experts will discuss all the benefits of Kohler generators to help you select the one that’s right for your family, your needs, and your budget.

Kohler Authorized Dealer Logo

Kohler Generators Are The Best In The Business

Kohler first started building generators in 1920, with one simple goal: Build the best generators. They’re found in hospitals, power plants, the National Weather Service, and factories all over the world.

The technology that’s packed into a commercial-sized generator is also found in the generator you would depend on at home.

Clover Electric Never Takes Shortcuts In Safety & Reliability

  • We pull the electrical permit.
  • We handle permits for HOAs.
  • We perform the work to electrical code.
  • We guarantee your new automatic generator will pass any electrical inspection.

Clover Electric Custom Sizes Your Generator

We size the generator to you and your family; not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our generator experts take into account dozens of specifications to calculate the estimated wattage needed to run your home.

We consider everything from the AC and furnace to the refrigerator, TVs, computers, garage door opener, water heater, washing machine, and even the coffee maker.

Kohler Generators are Ridiculously Quiet

One of the reasons Clover Electric installs Kohler generators is because they’re quiet. We like to say they’re ridiculously quiet. Other generators are so loud that they’ll bother the neighbors or even violate neighborhood noise ordinances.

Kohler generators, installed by Clover Electric, operate at about the same sound level as a central air conditioner unit.

Convenient. Automatic. Quiet. Backup power you never have to think about.


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Susan W.

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Brian G.

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Extremely courteous and considerate, quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem. Were able to schedule appointment and finish the job before other companies even called me back!

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Brian P.

Absolutely amazing service from Clover. Thorough estimate and accommodation of the best EV charger location in the garage. Will recommend highly to others.

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