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Outlets and switches are the most common way a homeowner interacts with their electrical system. When either becomes faulty or malfunctions, it quickly becomes a hazard to people and property. When either is poorly installed, it can be a significant inconvenience and safety hazard. 


Whatever is wrong with your Cleveland-area home’s outlets or switches, you can count on Clover Electric to resolve the problem with expertise and care. Outlet and switch installation, repair, replacement, adjustment, and inspections are just a call away. 


Call 440-424-4640 today to schedule outlet and switch services in Cleveland with the team at Clover Electric. 

Expert Electrical Services for Outlets & Switches

When you need professional help with outlets and switches, you can count on the experts at Clover Electric for all your service needs.

We offer:

  • Outlet & switch repair: Get sparking, smoking, or unreliable switches and outlets working safely and consistently again with our help. 
  • Outlet & switch installation: Do you need new outlets or switches installed or old ones replaced? We’ll handle it exactly to code.
  • Outlet & switch relocation: Move poorly located outlets or switches to new places in your home for safety and convenience. 
  • Outlet & switch inspection: Ensure your outlets and switches are code-compliant and meet all necessary standards.

Contact Clover Electric at 440-424-4640 today to schedule outlet and switch services in Cleveland, OH.

Can I DIY Outlet & Switch Installation?

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We strongly advise against DIY outlet or switch installation. Home electrical switches and outlets come in many different shapes and sizes and are designed to perform a wide range of functions.

When it’s time to add new outlets, upgrade switches to dimmers, or replace aging receptacles with safer GFCI outlets, don’t risk do-it-yourself disasters — call Clover Electric.

Causes of Broken Outlets or Switches

Outlets and switches that don’t work are a sign that something has malfunctioned at the unit or inside the walls. This can’t be ignored. Faulty switches or outlets could lead to a fire.

Here are the most common reasons a switch or outlet may fail:


  • Worn-out receptacles: If the plug doesn’t stay in the outlet it needs to be replaced.
  • Loose wiring: Loose wiring connecting the outlet can cause electrical arcing and cause a fire.
  • Tripped circuit breaker: An outlet that trips a circuit breaker is worn out and needs to be replaced right away.


  • Switch doesn’t operate: This could mean the switch is worn out or a wire has broken free.
  • Buzzing: This is a serious condition that indicates overheating and a possible fire hazard.
  • Floppy switch: If the switch doesn’t stay in the on or off position, it needs to be replaced.

Types of Outlets & Switches We Service

Clover Electric can help you with a variety of new switch and outlet options, including:

Outlets (Receptacles)

Unlike switches, which come in several different varieties, most receptacles look pretty much the same. There are differences in amperage and voltage ratings. And receptacles may be either CU CLAD or CO/ALR (for aluminum) rated.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Receptacles

Ground fault circuit interrupters should be installed in circuits that are near wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor locations. They’re now required by code in many parts of Ohio, and they may save your life!

Single-Pole Switches

Single-pole switches are the most basic and most used switches. They’re used to turn receptacles or fixtures on or off from a single location. Unless you can turn on a light or a series of receptacles from more than one place in your home, it should be wired with a single-pole switch.

Double-Pole Switches

Double-pole switches work like single-pole switches except that they can receive two hot wires. This is why they’re often used as switches for 240-volt receptacles and appliances.

Three-Way Switches

Three-way switches are usually used to provide two separate switching points for a single fixture. These switches must always be installed in pairs.

Dimmer Switches

These helpful switches allow you to increase or decrease the brightness of an incandescent light. They come in single-pole and three-way models and can be used for incandescent lights only.

Dimmers can come with control knobs, sliders, or toggles. Only one of the three-way switches going to a light can be replaced with a dimmer.

Time Delay Switches

These switches have timers that allow you to set a period of time that the circuit will remain on.

Timeclock Switches

These switches can be set to turn themselves on or off based on a programmed timer. They can be used to control your lights while you’re away from home to make it look like someone is home.

Pilot Light Switches

These switches have a light to indicate when the circuit is active so you’ll know at a glance.

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Receptacle Switches

Receptacle switches allow you to have both a switch and a receptacle in one location (box).

Why Choose Clover Electric? 

Clover Electric is committed to delivering exceptional care through our founding principles of integrity, expertise, and genuine customer service.

When you choose Clover Electric for your electrical needs, you can expect friendly professionals who respond to calls quickly, arrive when scheduled, treat your home with respect, and do the job right without deception or cutting corners.

Call Clover Electric at 440-424-4640 today to schedule outlet or switch services in the Cleveland area. 

Frequently Asked Questions

GFCIs detect a difference in the current going to and coming from equipment connected to the outlet, allowing them to shut off in less than a 10th of a second to prevent electrical shock should something cause a potentially hazardous short, such as a spill. 

Yes, outlets and switches can be moved to new locations for safety, ease of use, and other benefits. However, the complexity of doing so will depend on your home and the difference in location. 

Outlets usually last a few decades before they need to be replaced. However, outlets exposed to unusual events, damaged in accidents, or devices that are frequently plugged in and unplugged may wear the outlet out sooner. 

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