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How to Save your Electricity Bill this Winter

Winter is the time when you struggle to keep your energy bill under control. By following some simple methods, you can easily lower your Cleveland electricity bill and still not chill to death.

Lower your thermostat during the day

Thermostat is the primary reason for the increased power bill during winter, so be judicious with its use. You can wear an extra layer of clothing and have occasional hot coffee to keep you warm. Even at night, try to limit the dependence on thermostat by using a thick and warm blanket.

Trap heat inside the house

Close the doors of unoccupied rooms and it helps trap the heat inside the room. Also, adding moisture to the air will make you feel comfortable. You can humidify your house by placing some water bowls near a heat register. Proper insulation of the house, especially in the attic, also stops heat from escaping the house. Open the curtains of your house and let the sunshine enter. All these are baby steps that together help in a fair amount of energy saving.

Add weather stripping to doors

There is usually wide enough space between the door and the frame or under the door frames for heat to escape. Sealing these gaps with door sweeps would keep your house warm.

These are some simple energy saving methods that could save you from the burden of high power bills.

What is Surge Protection?

Surge protection involves protecting electric appliances from voltage spikes. This is done through the use of a surge protector. Surge protectors try to control the amount of voltage supplied to electric devices by shorting the excess voltage to the ground.

Understanding surge protection

Here are two terms, which can help you better understand surge protection. 

  • Voltage - Voltage is the difference in electric charge between two points in an electric field.
  • Power surges - A power surge is an increase in voltage supply above the normal amount. A surge is when the increase in voltage lasts for three nanoseconds or a bit more. Electric surges can cause significant damages to electric devices or even damage them on a permanent basis.

Power surges can be caused by lightening or through use of high-power electric appliances like refrigerators or air conditioners.

Surge protection devices

Surge protectors are devices that supply electric current to several electronic appliances from its power strip. The devices are plugged into the surge protector for protection from power surges.

There are many types of surge protectors available in the market.

  • The most common type of surge protector uses a component made of metal oxide joined to the grounding and power line through semiconductors. This component is called a metal oxide varistor or MOV.
  • The other type of surge protector uses a gas tube or gas discharge arrestor.
  • Many surge protectors come with extra features such as built-in fuse or line-conditioning. The former helps by conducting current when the levels are normal; the latter helps to tune out noises in the line due to fluctuations in electric current.

It is a good decision to get surge protectors installed in your Cleveland home. Experts from Clover Electric will be able to help you out with their deep knowledge and expertise.



Tune-Ups for your Electrical Generator

If you are a resident or homeowner in Cleveland, it is important to acknowledge the importance of having an electrical generator that is functioning at optimal capacity. Operating an electrical generator is an expensive process. As such, a generator that is not running at the highest energy output possible, will lead to you being burdened with inordinately high electrical expenses. Conducting an inspection and electrical repair on your home’s generator is a must from time to time. While it may be something that you tend to ignore, it will most certainly benefit you in the long run by sparing you from major repairs in the future.

When to conduct maintenance and tune ups

The degree of repair, tune up and maintenance that your home’s electrical generator needs will be heavily dependent on the amount that it is used over the course of the year. Moreover, different generators, with varying capacities, will require different maintenance schedules as well. Typically, electrical generators will require a full inspection and tune up after operating for over 200 hours. As such, a generator that has been operating constantly for longer than a week will require a tune up. Conversely, generators that are only turned on sporadically may require only bi-monthly tune ups. Such tune-ups are carried out at Clover Electric.

There are also a variety of other components used in electrical generators that need to be replaced in accordance with their shelf lives. For example, typically spark plugs used in generators require changing once every year. Air filters  also needs to be cleaned or replaced, when they are clogged.

Great Outdoor Lighting Ideas for the Fall

Lighting is one of the simplest and the least expensive ways to add sophistication, festivity and ambiance to your outdoor space at your home in Cleveland. Outdoor lighting is an important aspect of home lighting and in many cases helps blend the indoors with the outdoors.

Great outdoor lighting ideas for the fall 

Fall is the most festive time of the year and people love having their get-togethers and parties in their backyards, garden or even large patios. It is important to have adequate lighting if you are planning an event. You do not want people to find it difficult to find food, drinks and their way around.

  1. White fairy lights are the most charming and old-school home lighting options. They can be easily wrapped around tree trunks, hung from branches or even put around tables to create a soft and warm glow.
  2. Candles are evergreen and romantic. Place different kinds, sizes and shapes of candles practically anywhere to cast a yellow halo of warmth. Make sure you place them in deep containers to prevent them getting snubbed by the wind.
  3. If you are looking at lighting up outdoor tables within a limited budget, kerosene lanterns are easily available in the market. Easy to use, they are appropriate if the evening is going to be a long affair.
  4. Don’t forget the hollow pumpkin with candles for Halloween. It is traditional, but still creates excitement.

Outdoor lighting does not necessarily have to be expensive. There are many options available today that are thrifty and economic, like LED lights, solar charged batteries that consume no electricity and paper lanterns. Do not let the lack of ideas stop you from decorating the outdoors.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill

The cost of living in almost every place is rising steadily and families have to be much more economical these days. Unfortunately, the cost of basic utilities are also rising putting further strain on the family finances. Most people spend a large chunk of their salaries on utility bills of which most of it is spent on electric bills. Most appliances in every household in cities like Cleveland run on electricity driving up the electric bills. If you live in Cleveland and are struggling with electric bills here are a few ways you can reduce electrical bill.

How to reduce electrical bill

Here are five ways in which you can reduce electrical bill:

  • Use LEDs LEDs are cost effective because they are energy efficient. Replace all your incandescent bulbs with LED lights. LEDs also contain no mercury making them the safest lighting option for households.
  • Get a new refrigerator Old refrigerators may be sturdy but they guzzle electricity. To reduce your electrical bill, replace your old refrigerator with a new energy efficient one.
  • Get regular checkups for ACs and heaters ACs and heaters that have not been cleaned regularly waste a lot of energy. You need to get the filters and other components of your AC and furnace changed or cleaned regularly to maintain maximum efficiency.
  • Keep your house cool Use curtains on windows to block out the rays to keep your homes cool. You can also use sun films on windows to block out the rays. This will eliminate the need to use fans and ACs.
  • Sleep mode Set your devices to go to sleep mode when not in use. Devices like printers, scanners, TVs, computers, etc. can all be set to go to sleep mode when not used for a few minutes.

Generator installation: Avoid a costly electrical disaster

You can easily avoid the darkness and uneasiness caused during Cleveland’s power outrages with a generator installation. However, there are a number of factors to be kept in mind while considering a generator install. It is important that you make an estimate of generator wattage based on the wattage requirements of your home’s appliances and fixtures. Decide on the model based on your needs and convenience. Portable models which typically run on gasoline, can be moved around, but may not provide enough back-up for heavy duty drains like centralized air-conditioning. On the other hand, permanent models are larger in size, offer more wattage and are generally installed outside homes.

Generator installation: Leave it to the experts

Generator installation must be only done by an experienced certified electrician as opposed to factory authorized technician. If not installed with proper electrical safeguards and accurate sizing, the generator can cause havoc to your electrical equipments and motors. Only experts will be aware of power company regulations, the standard clearances as well as power transfer system (from the generator to your house).

Things to keep on mind

It is important not to connect generators directly to the wiring system of your home. Stable ground protected from flooding and high winds are important considerations while deciding the location. The location must be easily accessible for periodic servicing. Also make sure the generator is not placed in an enclosed area as they produce high levels of carbon monoxide. During a generator installation, it is essential that all electrical components meet the requirements of electrical codes.

Electrical Panel Repair in Cleveland Ohio

Regular inspections are necessary

Most of us make the mistake of ignoring the electrical panel installed at our Cleveland homes. Unless it is necessary – say in case of circuit-trip – we do not inspect the electrical panel and do not worry about the need for electrical panel repair. An electrical panel is generally installed in a place which is hidden from direct view, like the basement, or the garage, making it difficult to spot any damage caused to it.

The electrical panel controls the entire electric flow inside the house, and it is extremely important to inspect it at regular intervals to ensure that no untimely mishaps take place. This ensures the electrical panel doesn’t breakdown and can prevent loss of power to the entire house.

Opt for expert help

It might seem like a DIY job, but an expert will be better equipped to fix the problem for the long term. Most modern day electronic products, like microwaves, refrigerators, LCDs that we use put a lot of strain on the electrical system. The wiring might be new, but the electrical circuit panel might not be up-to-date.

Trained technicians in Cleveland can take care of your electrical panel repair needs. The current breaker box may need to be replaced with a new electrical panel. Professional technicians can also test the wiring and all other electrical components in your house, to ensure that no mishaps take place.

Post inspection, the technicians will inform you regarding the best way to tackle the issue and quote you a price before beginning work. Make sure you resaerch well before you choose professionals to take up the electrical panel repairs.

Electrical Wiring Warning Signs

As architects and builders strive towards developing increasingly complex homes, integrated with the latest smart living technologies, the concerns of faulty electrical wiring have come to the fore more than in the past. Homeowners should always be aware of simple signs that indicate a problem with electrical wiring or insulation within their properties. Discovering an electrical wiring problem early will not only ensure safety of you and your family, but will also help you save significantly on electrical repairs.

A team of professionals in Cleveland can help determine the state of your electrical wiring, conducting relevant electrical repairs at the most reasonable rates. Let us take a look at some early warning signs that you should look out for.

Signs to look out for

Circuit breakers or fuses are often the first systems to malfunction. If you have realized that your circuit breakers and fuses are constantly overloading, it is likely that there is a discrepancy between the intensity of current in your home, compared with the electrical circuitry.

Another common sign of faulty wiring is the constant flickering of lights. Even the most modern wiring can cause some amounts of flickering. While this may not necessarily be a huge cause for concern, if you are experiencing this often, it is a sure fire sign that your circuit breakers may need to be replaced.

Mild shocks

One of the most common signs of faulty electrical wiring comes in the form of outlets or switches that give you mild shocks when you make contact with them. When this occurs, it means that electrical wiring around socket has faulty insulation. Such devices will need to repaired or removed swiftly.

Whole-house Surge Protectors Can Help Prevent Damage

Power surges happen when there is a sudden increase in electricity, destroying your Internet and phone lines, gadgets and computers.


Typically, a lightning strike or simultaneous use of air conditioners, refrigerators or other power consuming equipments can cause power surges. When the compressors or motors in such equipments are switched on and off, there is a sudden increase in power  and voltage.


So, what kind of protective device should one look for to prevent damage from a power surge in your Cleveland neighborhood?


Surge protectors are the answer


Power strips are often used as surge protectors, but the latter only creates many ports and the outlet gets split. When you are out shopping for a surge protector in Cleveland, make sure that you are not just buying a power strip. Also, check for energy rating labels, the number of ports or the type of surge protector.


Whole house surge protector


You should opt for a whole house surge protector to prevent damage to the entire house rather than just your computer or certain gadgets. A two-level system, where there is a surge protector for the whole house installed at the main power panel, and a point of use device installed on individual outlets is widely used. Install a whole house surge protector after you make sure it is in line with your Cleveland area regulations, and it has the right warranty cover. See if there is GFCI protection so that the system shuts off power when there is risk of a short circuit.

How to Safely Operate Your Portable Generator

A portable generator can be very important for all camping enthusiasts in the Cleveland region. However, it is also very important to operate these portable generators in the right manner for safety reasons. Any mistake could lead to a greater problem such as electric shocks, fire hazards and other forms of danger to your property. Here are some tips to make sure that you operate your portable generator properly.


Safe installation

Most of the accidents from a portable generator are caused by improper installation.   Always make sure that you have read all the instruction completely and taken all preventive measures prescribed by the manufacturer. If possible, try and ask your dealer to send a technician to help you out.


Placement of the generators


Placement of your portable generator can also make a huge difference. There are several building codes and safety norms in Cleveland that need to be thoroughly followed before deciding where you can place your portable generator. Make sure that you make the electrical connections appropriately and follow all the local guidelines to avoid any accidents and legal issues.


Precautions and operation


Before you go ahead and use the portable generator for the first time, make sure that you have placed it at a significant and safe distance from your home, Make sure the exhaust from the portable generator is directed away from any residential area. Also you need to ensure that the CO monitors and detectors inside your home are in working condition

5 Signs of Electrical in Your Home

Overloading outlets

Among the biggest signs of electrical problems in your Cleveland home is that too many outlets are often put into a single circuit. Multi-out extenders are usually used to plug multiple electronics, lights and appliances in at one outlet. The outlet isn’t designed to handle high requirements, and electrical overload can cause major issues including loss of life and property.

Improper installation of electric box

Electrical repair becomes essential when you detect that the electric box has not been properly installed. Make sure that you have a qualified electrician check the electric box and ensure that there is no problem with its installation.

Wires of the wrong size

The addition of a new circuit or outlet is something that must be left to the professionals as most homeowners often select the wrong gauge wire. Improper installation can cause fire and damage to life and property.

Extensive use of extension cords 

People usually use extension cords to solve wiring problems, as they are a cheap alternative to electrical repair. Extension cords are only short-term solutions, and using them for a prolonged period of time can wear them out and cost you more money in the long run.

Wattage limits are exceeding

Light bulb wattage is often exceeded in many homes. Some sockets are designed to hold only 60-watt lights, but people sometimes install 100-watt lights in their stead. Due to the extra workload, the sockets can get hotter and potentially start a fire.

Space Heater Safety Tips

Heating equipment is among the largest causes of domestic fires. Leading to several deaths and emergency room visits every year and property damages in billions. As a result, it is very important to follow a hand full of fire safety tips to keep your Cleveland home safe.

Select the right heater

It is always a very good practice to select a space heater that includes a guard near the flame area. This should help keep any pets, children, clothing and other objects away from the flame. You should also make sure that it is tested as per national standards and is also certified by the appropriate certification agencies. For fire safety at your Cleveland homes, it is very important that you follow these guidelines and obtain the most appropriate space heater for your home.

Other safety tips

One of the main reasons why space heaters can cause domestic fires is because many people do not know how to use these heaters properly. As a result, it would be of great help to everyone in your family and also serve the interest of Cleveland fire safety if you demonstrate how to use these heaters to all the members of your family who may need to operate it. In addition to this, it is also advisable to get space heaters of the right size for your household as this would mean you do not have to interact with the heater a lot to keep yourself warm at all times.

Always leave the doors open when using a fuel burning space heater as this prevents any build up of smoke inside your home and reduced the chances of suffocation. Also never leave the space heater on when not in the room or when sleeping.

Holiday Decoration Electrical Safety Tips

Picking Out the Lights

When you are picking out the lights for your tree in Cleveland, look for a label or a marking on the box which says that it has been approved by a testing laboratory and has safety standards on them. These lights will will have fused plugs which will provide you with adquate electrical safety.

Cleveland Ohio Electrical Safety Tips

Inspect the lights

You should also inspect the lights to see if some of them are old or broken. You do not want to have half your lights not working when you bring them home that could be hazardous. You will also need an extension cord as there would prefer to have more than one type of lights in your tree. Make sure that theextension cord has a maximum of three standard sized sets of light on them at all times.

Electrical safety precautions

In order to ensure that you and your family is completely safe from an electrical hazard caused from decorating the christmas tree, follow these precautionary measures. If you are buying a metal tree, do not use electrical lights to decorate it. If the lights are faulty, the tree could become charged and a person who touches a branch could get electrocuted. Ensure that all your outdoor lights are firmly attached to a solid surface such as a tree or house wall so that it will not fly off in case it gets windy in the night. Always switch off your lights when you are sleeping or on holiday as they could unravel and start a fire.

Prevent Home Electrical Fires With These Safety Tips

Every year fire departments in the U.S. respond to approximately 45,000 home structure fires involving electrical failure or malfunction. These fires result in hundreds of deaths and injuries and and $1.6 billion in property damage.

So how do you keep your home safe from the dangers of electrical fires? The following is a list of warning signs that could indicate an electrical malfunction.
  • Frequent problems with blowing fuses or tripping circuit breakers
  • A tingling feeling when you touch an electrical appliance
  • Discolored or warm wall outlets
  • A burning or rubbery smell coming from an appliance
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Sparks from an outlet

Before electrical problems become a hazard we recommend following these safety steps in the home

  • Replace or repair damaged or loose electrical cords.
  • Avoid running extension cords across doorways or under carpets.
  • In homes with small children, make sure your home has tamper-resistant (TR) receptacles.
  • Consider having additional circuits or outlets added by a qualified electrician so you do not have to use extension cords.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for plugging an appliance into a receptacle outlet.
  • Avoid overloading outlets. Plug only one high-wattage appliance into each receptacle outlet at a time.
  • If outlets or switches feel warm, frequent problems with blowing fuses or tripping circuits, or flickering or dimming lights, call a qualified electrician.
  • Place lamps on level surfaces, away from things that can burn and use bulbs that match the lamp's recommended wattage.
  • Make sure your home has ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) in the kitchen bathroom(s), laundry, basement, and outdoor areas.
  • Arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) should be installed in your home to protect electrical outlets.

Cleveland OH Electrical ServicesHow Installing Ceiling Fans Can Help In Heating & Cooling Your Home

Ceiling fans are often promoted as a means of saving energy, but it depends on the efficiency of the fan itself and how it is used to help distribute the air around your home.

A ceiling fan doesn't actually cool the air in your home - it can only circulate it.  It makes you feel cooler during warmer months because the air blowing across your skin evaporates moisture, making you feel cooler. During the colder months a ceiling fan will help circulate the warm air closer to the living space in larger rooms.

Ceiling fans have the potential to save energy in a few ways:

  1. If you use ceiling fans instead of your air conditioning on spring/fall days when the weather is just warming up, it will use less energy than running your air conditioner.
  2. At the same time, if you're using the fans while also setting the thermostat a few degrees warmer, you're possibly saving money, depending on things like how many degrees, how many fans are operating, and how efficient the fans are.
  3. Remember to turn off the fans when there is nobody in the room. Because fans don’t cool the air, but actually add some heat with the energy they’re using, it will defeat the purpose of using the fan if it's running in empty rooms.
The important point to keep in mind is that in order to realize the benefits of cieling fans, you must be turning down the thermostat in winter and turning it up in the summer by at least several degrees. And, as noted above, only use fans in rooms that are occupied.

As with choosing an air conditioner or furnace, ceiling fans are also Energy Star Rated. By choosing a more energy efficient model you can save as much as 50% over non-qualifying models.  

Besides ceiling fans, here are some other tips for saving money on heating and cooling your home:
  • Use a programmable thermostat - The ability to change the temperature in your home when you're away or while sleeping can make a big difference in your energy usage.  The government estimates as much as $180 in energy costs (enough to buy some ceiling fans!).  Newer thermostats are simple to program and many come pre-programmed to energy star guidelines!
  • Have your air conditioner and furnace cleaned and maintained -  Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling system will ensure the burners are working efficiently, the A/C coils are clean and the refrigerant charge is correct.  Improper refrigerant charge can make your equipment work harder (using more energy) and shorten its life.
  • Change your furnace air filter - a clogged furnace filter will make your heating system's blower work much harder than it needs to and might even cause your coil to freeze up when your A/C is running.  Standard 1" filters should be changed every month when your equipment is running continuously.

Electrical Upgrades To Consider When Remodeling Your Home

If you're giving your home a complete makeover, or just simply planning to upgrade your decor or appliances within your living quarters, it's a great time to consider upgrading your electrical system as well.

Home repair and remodeling projects often require some sort of electrical upgrade. Do you have receptacle outlets overburdened by multi-plug strips? Are your lamps and fixtures connected to extension cords? Does every three-prong plug need a two-prong adapter? These and other warning signs indicate a real need for electrical improvements.  Here are a few points to consider:

  1. Is your service adequate? Many older homes still operate with outdated 60-amp electrical service, and sometimes with just a few fuses or circuit breakers to protect the entire system. Newer homes often have 100-amp service panels, but even this minimum requirement set by many current codes may fall short of your present or future needs. Consider upgrading service to 200 amps.
  2. Size for extra demand. If you're installing a major electrical appliance, like an electric wall oven, a microwave oven, a double-wide refrigerator or central air-conditioning, think about the additional power it may need. While a salesman or installer might tell you that your system can handle the load, be smart and ask your electrician for a second opinion.
  3. Electricians often install 14-AWG wiring during renovations, which is adequate for most home uses. But heavier 12-AWG copper wire is a better choice because it's more energy-efficient and you won't have to upgrade all over again if you install appliances or fixtures with greater electrical loads. The cost difference for upgrading to 12-AWG copper wire is minimal. If you're adding a room extension or building a new home, it's a good idea to install 12-AWG wire (or larger, depending on the needs of each circuit).
  4. Consider special needs. Different rooms in a home serve different purposes—an important consideration when you're planning improvements, especially where electrical work is involved. Family rooms, home offices and home theaters generally need more circuits, more outlets, and built-in or plug-in power-surge protection. Outlets in kitchens, baths, garages and outdoor areas require ground-fault circuit interrupters, or GFCIs. And you don't have to wait for a major renovation to add protection—you can install many safety devices yourself, such as outlet caps, switch guards and wire shields in nurseries and children's playrooms.
  5. And finally, don't forget your communications wiring needs—make sure telephone wiring is rated Category 5 or better to assure speedy data mission, high-quality voice service and convenient installation as you add telephone-based services in the future.

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How Dead Switches and Outlets Could Be A Symptom of Larger Electrical Problems

Do you have light switches or electrical outlets that don't function correctly? There can be a variety of causes for electrical problems. The affected circuit controlled by a switch or outlet may not be completed because of another component. A switch may control an outlet which is unoccupied by a lamp or any other electrical device. Also, an outlet may be connected to a switch which is in the off position. Another cause may be related to a defective breaker, or a breaker which was tripped or turned off, but never switched back on.

Cleveland OH Electrical Rewiring ServicesSwitches or outlets can also fail when they are damaged by arcing. If the arcing was caused by aluminum wiring, a hazardous condition may exist. If your home or building was constructed before 1972, or during the late sixties, it could have aluminum wiring. Aluminum wiring was used legally during those years, but outlawed for installation in new homes, commercial buildings, remodels and renovations after it was discovered it could lead to electrical fires.

Although aluminum wiring itself is generally no more hazardous than copper, its splices and connections with other metals present a real hazard because they can become corroded and cause arcing. Because arcing in these connections can lead to fire within surrounding materials, aluminum wiring has been discontinued.

However, many homes still contain aluminum wiring, and research conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) revealed that buildings with aluminum wiring pose a fire risk which is 55 times greater than the risks with similar structures wired with copper. So, if you discover an electrical outlet or switch which doesn’t appear to be working correctly, it’s possible this outlet or switch has been damaged by a connection with aluminum wiring. If you have safety questions about this type of problem, or any electrical concerns regarding your residence or commercial building, please contact us immediately. Our licensed electricians are trained and to perform professional electrical safety inspections, and can repair any type of electrical problem.

The Importance Of Home Electrical Inspections

Home Electrical Inspections

When you schedule an electrical inspection for your home an electrician will identify the kind of wiring your home has, test all the outlets and make sure there are functional. They will check that ground fault circuit interrupters (which can protect you from electrocution, electric shock and electrical burns) are installed in areas like the bathrooms, kitchen, garage and outdoors. They will also check your electrical panel for any safety issues and check your electrical outlets to make sure they do not present a fire hazard.

If you have damaged or exposed wiring in your home, it can lead to deadly electrocutions and fires. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International “Wiring hazards including damaged and exposed wiring and household wiring together accounted for 20 percent of electrocutions.” If your home does not have surge protection, your valuable items, including your important computer files, can be damaged or lost.

One of the newest electrical codes to be updated involves ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). This code requires that all bathroom receptacles and all kitchen receptacles servicing countertop surfaces must have ground fault circuit interrupters to protect against electrocution. Electrical regulations are set by local city, state or national legislation.

Our comprehensive residential electrical inspections ensure that your home is in complete compliance with all current electrical codes and is operating in top notch condition to help keep you and your family safe. A home electrical inspection by Clover Electric can be invaluable to homeowners, real estate agents, and anyone interested in buying, remodeling, or selling a home.

Protect Your Home With Whole House Surge Protection

What Is Whole Home Surge Protection?

Preventing electrical damage has traditionally meant buying multiple surge protection strips to protect your home's electrical appliances. Or worse, running around the house unplugging appliances during an electrical storm, putting yourself at risk for electric shock.

A whole house surge protector is hard-wired to the incoming electrical, cable/satellite, and telephone utility services to keep externally generated electrical surges from entering your home. When excessive voltage passes through the device it instantly diverts the damaging voltage to a ground wire. As soon as voltage levels return to normal, the flow of electricity is restored to your home.

The Advantages Of Whole House Surge Protection

  • Insurance for Your Home's Electronic Devices – Whole home surge protectors provide inexpensive insurance compared to the cost of replacing all your television, computer and other expensive appliances.
  • A Valuable Addition To Your Home -  A whole house surge protector can increase the resale value of your home.
  • Peace of Mind – The next time a lightning storm occurs or a power surge strikes you can rest assured that the electrical devices in your whole house are safe and protected.
For more information on how a whole house surge protection can protect your home, call Clover Electric. We will explain what options are available to safeguard your home.

Solving the Most Common Home Electrical Problems

May 2012

Electrial problems around the home can have many causes. Here are some of the most common problems you may encounter.

Lights That Blink Or Turn Off On Their Own

If recessed lighting goes off than works again a short time later it is probably activating its built-in safety "cutout"that is designed to keeping the fixture from overheating. Check the style or wattage of the bulb and ensure that the ceiling-space insulation isn't too closely spaed around the light.

Another cause of flickering lights is a poor connection along the circuit. If the flickering occurs throughout much of the home, a bad main wire connection could be the cause.

If some lights get extra bright while others run dim, with bulbs even popping, or electronic appliances have died recently, It is usually from a bad main neutral connection.

If light bulbs are burning out at a higher than normal the bulbs you buying may not be ideal for your situation. Check the recommendations found on the lighting fixture to ensure it is within the recommended style and wattage. Some enclosed spaces require specially shaped bulbs with smaller wattage.

Electrical Outlets Not Working

A tripped Ground Fault Interrupter (GFCI) is the most common cause of an outlet going dead. Most outlets have a built in reset switch to restore power to the out.

If a set of outlets or lights simply goes dead and you have reset any breakers or GFCI units, you probably have a poor connection along a circuit. Your electrician can find and fix the "open" circuit.

Also, remember that some outlets have half their inputs energized by a wall switch.

Circuit Breaker Problems

A circuit breaker will often trips when a high wattage device like a microwave or hair dryer is used. If these "overloads" can't be avoided by limiting the use of other devices on the circuit, a new circuit may be required.

Hot Switches

It is normal for wall switches (particularaly dimmer switches) to get slightly warm when running hundreds of watts of bulbs. If a recepticle feels warm, you should have an electrician inspect the outlet.

Discover the Convenience and Energy Savings of Programmable Home Lighting and Shades

Residential Energy Savings

Cleveland OH Automated Lighting & Electrical ServicesProgrammable lighting can automatically activate different lighting and shade settings at specific times of the day or at times relative to sunrise or sunset. Automated lighting can even adjust for seasonal changes and daylight savings time. You can also program multiple schedules allowing for different events on weekdays, weekends, and holidays.

Light control offers many ways to help the environment, while beautifying your home.  Dimmers and light control systems let you use just the right amount of light, reducing electricity usage and extending lightbulb life. With eco-home products, you can save energy without sacrificing comfort or style.  Whole-home light control systems extend energy saving throughout your entire home with advanced technology that allows you to control the latest energy-efficient light sources, such as LEDs and fluorescent lamps.

Automated Shades

Cleveland Lighting ServicesShading solutions help optimize daylight in your home by reducing heating and cooling costs while making the space more comfortable. The perfect complement to light and shade control, temperature control gives you the ability to adjust heating and cooling systems any time of day—even while you’re away from home, saving on your energy usage.

Tabletop keypads provide wireless control of lights and shades throughout your home. Perfect for anywhere a convenient portable control is desired. Also provides status of lights or shades in other areas of the home.

Increasing Home Safety And Security With Outdoor Lighting

Security lighting is one of the most effective ways to prevent crime around your home. Studies have shown that outdoor lighting is an effective crime deterrent. There are several types of security lights and outdoor lighting systems available. The two most basic light categories are HID and halogen or incandescent.High intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems are energy efficient, long lasting and very commonly used in landscape lighting.

Halogen or incandescent lighting fixtures are designed to operate on standard household current. Halogen lights are commonly seen on homes and are usually referred to as floodlights and are ideal for continuous or instantaneous use because they require no warm up period. Halogen security lights produce a white to yellow color and are less desirable for aesthetic lighting applications.

Motion Detection Lighting

Home security lighting systems that can detect and recognize movement in dark areas around the home are a good choice for homeowners who wish to reduce continuous glare and power consumtion. Because motion detector units are constantly switching the lights off and on the lights, they cannot be used to control high intensity discharge sources.

Clover Electric has been installing home security lighting throughout the Cleveland are for over 25 year. For expert outdoor lighting advice and professional service and installation, call Clover Electric.

The Importance of GFCI Circuits In Your Home

Homes today are filled with electric devices that are often used in the kitchen, bathrooms and outdoors. The close proximity of these devices to water sources is real concern. When a laptop, charging cell phone or other device falls comes in contact with water, electrocution is a real concern.

GFCI devices were designed to prevent electrocution from electrical appliances that come in contact with water. They are an part component of any home's electrical system and are required by law in most cities and towns in Ohio. Clover Electric can help you ensure that your home is protected with GFCI devices. We can help keep your family safe from the danger of accidental electrocution.

What are GFCI Devices?

GFCI is an acronym for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt. GFCI electrical receptacles and AFCI circuit breakers are outlets or circuit breakers that have  electrical circuits that can detect the symtoms of household electrical current problems before dangerous problems can occur.  When the device detects problems, it automatically cuts off electrical power, providing an critical layer of safety for your family.  

Regular circuit breakers are designed to protect your home's electrical system, not your family!  The amount of electricity that can kill a human is thousands of times less than the amount that would 'trip' a normal circuit breaker. Fuses and circuit breakers will not protect your family from being electrocuted. Think of GFCI receptacles as Anti-Electrocution Devices.

Do I Need GFCI Circuits In My Older Home?

Most homes built in the last 15 years are now required to have GFCI circuits wherever there is a close proximity to the grounding of a person.  Such places are; kitchen counter tops and center islands, within 6' of sinks or tubs, bathrooms, unfinished basements, garages and all outdoor outlets.

If your house was built before GFCIs were required, local building codes do not necessarily require them, but for your family's safety we highly encourage homeowners to upgrade to GFCI outlets. Having your older house retrofitted with GFCI protection is an inexpensive and simple process.

GFCI protection can be installed with GFCI receptacles, or with a whole circuit being equipped with GFCI circuit breaker.

What is an AFCI Device?

An AFCI protection device will detect arcing, conditions where electricity is being conducted over the air, and converted to heat and shut down the outlet before damage occurs.

AFCI protection is now required by law for electrical wiring that reaches sleeping areas.  These are areas where fires could start and catch people who are sleeping or otherwise unable to get out quickly.  Upcoming standards will require the entire house to have AFCI protection.

What's the Difference Between a GFCI and an AFCI Device?

AFCI protection is a lot like a GFCI outlet, but it protects against a different kind of danger.  Some types of electrical appliances are used to convert electricity into heat.  Sometimes, these devices will also produce heating where the device plugs into the wall.  This condition is called arcing.  You may see it when you quickly unplug a heat producing appliance, like an hair dryer, from an outlet while it is switched on.

Unlike GFCI devices, AFCI protection devices are not installed in your home's wall receptacles, but are built into your home's main electrical service panel as special circuit breakers.  Your house can easily be AFCI protected.

When it's time to upgrade the safety of your home's electrical system with GFCI and AFCI devices, call ABC.  A licensed and insured Clovera electrician will replace the circuit breakers for sleeping areas with AFCI circuit breakers and install GFCI outlets to protect your family from the risk of accidental electrical fires and electrocution.

Electrician For North Olmsted OH and Surrounding Communities

Clover Electric is pleased to provide complete home electrical services to the community of North Olmsted Ohio. From landscape lighting, electrical switches, new lighting fixtures to installation of a whole house generator, Clover has the experience and expertise to handle any home electrical need. We offer 24-hour emergency electrical repair and installation service to the entire Cleveland metro area, including North Olmsted.

Why Are More North Olmsted Ohio Homeowners Choosing Clover Electric?

When you call Clover, you'll speak with a real person, not an answering machine. We will schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.

A friendly, uniformed electrician will arrive at your home on time with all the tools and expertise needed to get the job done right. We'll listen to your needs and patiently explain your options in non-technical language.

With our up-front pricing you'll know the exact cost of all repairs before work begins. The price you are quoted is the price you pay.

Call Clover Today. We make it easy.

Choosing the Right Backup Generator For Your Home

Keep Your Family Safe and Comfortable with a Whole House Generator

Cleveland OH Whole House GeneratorsPower outages are occurring more frequently than ever in Ohio and lasting longer with more harmful effects. Whole house generators are becoming a popular way for Cleveland area homeowners to keep their homes safe and comfortable during prolonged periods without power.

Today's backup generators are quieter, more reliable and offer the  convenience of auto start and practically infinite run time. When the power goes out  a standby generator goes on - automatically - protecting you and your home 24/7. With a standby generator your family can maintain everyday necessities like heating, cooling, refrigeration and lighting.

Whole House or Portable Generator?

A portable generator needs to be rolled out from the storage, filled with fuel or hooked up to a fuel line, manually started, and connected to your loads. By contrast, a permanent standby generator starts automatically because it is already connected to both the house wiring and the fuel source. It can sense a power outage, isolate your electrical wiring or designated emergency circuits from the grid, and start powering your home immediately.

Whole house standby generators offer power levels higher than portables - their rating ranges anywhere from 5 kilowatt up into hundreds of kW. This makes them the best choice for long-term power outages. While the initial cost is higher than a portable generator, a whole house generator will increase the value of your home.

When power is restored, a portable generator will need to be switched off manually. A whole house generator will connect you back to the utility lines and will turn itself off automatically. You don't even have to be home to switch it over.

What to Look For When Choosing a Whole House Generator For Your Home

Aside from wattage, consider the duration of time you may need emergency power, fuel availability, safety and convenience of use.

By selecting which appliances and lighting you want to maintain during a power outage, you can calculate the power requirements of the designated circuits and select a generator that can maintain the proper wattage for your application.

Most residential generators can run on both natural gas and LP (propane). Your installer will do a simple field adjustment to convert the unit to your available fuel source. A whole house generator will be permantentlly installed in a location that provides easy access to your home's electric and fuel supply and that minimizes the risk of exhaust fumes entering the home.

Have backup power generator questions?  The experts at Clover Electric can help you select the best whole house generator solution to fit your family's needs and budget.

Cleveland Electrical Services

Clover Electric is known for professionalism, performance and integrity. Make your home a safer and more pleasant place to live with electrical systems you can rely upon. Some of our services include:

  • Commercial Tenant Improvements
  • Code Compliance
  • Inspection Report Corrections

In And Around The Home

  • Electrical Service and Repair
  • Add New Outlets/Switches
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Bath Fan/Heat Light Combination
  • Heated Towel Bar
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Fixture Hanging
  • New Dryer Hook-Ups
  • New Spa/Pool Hook-Ups and Lighting
  • Data/Communications Setup
  • Cable Hook-Ups
  • Lighting
  • Lighting Controllers
  • Programmable Lighting
  • Motion Sensor Lighting
  • Dimmer Switches
  • Exhaust Fans
  • G.F.C.I. Outlet Installations
  • Re-wiring
  • Service Upgrades
  • Old Panel Replacements
  • New Circuits
  • Dedicated Computer Circuits
  • House Grounding
  • Whole House Surge Protection
  • Transformers
  • 220V-240V Upgrades
  • Whole House Back Up Generators
  • Breakers & Fuses
  • Meter Boxes
  • Panel Repairs and Upgrades
  • Equipment Installations
  • Security Lighting
  • Dawn to Dusk Lighting
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Surge Protectors
  • Low Voltage Lighting Systems
  • Motorized Shades
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Yard Lighting

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