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Spring Electrical Checklist

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With spring just a couple of weeks away, now is a good time to check your home’s electrical system for potential problems. Spring storms can lead to power surges and power outages. Ensuring your electrical system is in good shape can minimize damage and ensure that your home and property are safe. To help you prepare, Clover Electric has put together a spring electrical checklist you can use to identify electrical issues.

1. Inspect your outlets and switches. Look for any damage, such as scorch marks or loose fitting plugs.

2. Check your circuit breakers. Make sure all breakers are in the correct position. If you have circuit breakers that are tripping frequently, it’s important to identify the cause and have it corrected.

3. Inspect your outdoor outlets. Make sure all outdoor outlets have covers and are in good working order. Store extension cords indoors indoors when not in use.

4. Test your smoke detectors. Ensure that all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly by using the test button. Replace the batteries at least once a year. Check the expiration date on the smoke detectors , and replace them when they are past the expiration date.

5. Have an older home? Have Clover Electric can inspect the wiring to make sure it’s up to code and functioning properly.

6. Inspect outdoor lighting. Make sure all exterior and landscape lighting fixtures are in good condition and functioning properly.

7. Test your GFCI outlets. Plug in a nightlight and press the TEST button. The light should turn off. Pressing the RESET button should restore power to the outlet. Replace GFCI outlets that fail the test.

Have questions about your electrical system? Call Clover Electric. We can help with all your electrical repair and installation needs. You be glad you called!

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