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New Day Cleveland on Fox8

New Day Cleveland on Fox8 - Do you need an electrician?

Larry Morrow – Radio Legend, Clover Spokesperson

TV1 – Light Switch

Larry gets his wires crossed when attempting to re-wire a light switch.

TV2 – Call Clover Electric

Have a look at the shot where Larry is next to the ceiling fan. Larry is standing on 3 boxes and is being held from below by the Producer so he doesn’t fall!

TV 3 – DIY

We strapped the tool belt on to Larry so tight he could hardly breathe!

TV4 – Smoke and CO Detectors

Jill Talty kept walking by the background of this shot! (See the blooper reel!)

TV5 – Mustache

Larry could hardly keep from laughing through this commercial because the entire crew was staring at him.

TV6 – Newspaper

This was the first commercial of the day. The make-up person was in charge of tossing the newspaper, because the Producer almost knocked Larry’s coffee on to the floor!

TV7 – Don’t Take IT For Granted

Larry got this script right the first time. But, just for fun we made Larry shoot this commercial 7 more times! (Sorry Larry!)

Larry Morrow Outtakes

Here are a few fun moments from Larry’s shoot day for Clover Electric. It’ll put a smile on your face!

Clover Electric New Day Cleveland FOX8


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