Smart Home Technology in Your Breaker Panel

Smart Home Technology in Your Breaker Panel

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Clover Electric is always on the cutting edge of technology for your home’s electrical system.

Chances are you’ve already incorporated some kind of smart home technology in to your home. Clover Electric goes a step further by integrating Leviton smart technology directly into the breaker box and individual circuit breakers, giving you far more information on the power management in your home.

DID YOU KNOW: The last time there was an industry change to the electrical panel in your home was in the 1950’s. Now, your electrical panel is called a Load Center. The new Leviton Load Center takes your smart home to all new levels.

Levitron Smart Electrical Panel

The new Leviton Load Center connects to the Internet and the Leviton Cloud via Wi-Fi and your home’s router. Leviton’s new Smart Circuit Breakers install in the load center the same as in regular electrical panels. Each Smart Circuit Breaker also connects to the Internet via a wireless or Ethernet-connected data hub.

Leviton Load Center Features Include:

  • Glass front panel for clear display of all circuit breakers
  • Red and green lights to easily identify operational or tripped breaker
  • Direct connection in to your home’s WiFi system
  • Track energy use over years, months, weeks or even days
  • Get remote updates and notifications from critical areas of your home

Your Load Center panel connects to the My Leviton app so you can enjoy easy access to your load center’s data via a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Why is this important? Here are a few examples:

  1. You’re many miles away from your home. There’s a heavy rainstorm. Is your sump pump working? All you need to do is log in to your My Leviton app to see that the sump pump is working and your home is dry.
  2. You’re away from home. You get an alert on your smart phone that a breaker has tripped in your home. You can get help right away before discovering frozen pipes, a thawed-out freezer full of food or a security system that’s not functioning.
  3. Your app can detect if an appliance hasn’t turned on in a while. For example, if your furnace malfunctions and shuts down. The app will alert you that the furnace isn’t drawing any power. You can take action before pipes freeze.

Energy Use

Using the intuitive My Leviton app, you will enjoy easy access to four essential elements of your load center’s data via your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Energy Use

  • View real-time energy consumption: total aggregate, individual circuit, or trends by day, week, month, and year
  • Calculate your approximate total energy cost per month


  • Remotely turn OFF any circuit breaker
  • View system status in real time and detect if critical loads need to be addressed

Alerts & Updates

  • Know when and why a circuit breaker trips
  • Be informed if a load is ON or not drawing power for an extended time
  • Via remote firmware updates, get the latest protection capabilities and newest features

Take your smart home to new levels. Call Clover Electric today to discover what a Leviton Load Center can do for your home and lifestyle.

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