Tripping Circuit Breakers: Signs of Electrical Problems

Tripping Circuit Breakers

A Sign of a Serious Problem

Tripping Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker is a built-in safe guard for your electrical system.  Circuit breakers that keep tripping are often a sign of a serious problem.  When a circuit breaker trips you need to address the issue by calling Clover Electric to diagnose and fix the problem.  Here are the top reasons your circuit breakers keep tripping:

1. Overloaded Circuit – An overloaded circuit will trip if you have too many lights or appliances plugged in to the same circuit.  The extra energy draw causes the electrical wires to overheat and trip the breaker.  Overheating wires and breakers is very dangerous and can lead to a fire.

2. Short Circuit – A short circuit is a situation where the “hot” wire makes contact with the natural wire.  This can cause electrical arcing which can cause a fire.  The circuit breaker trips to help avoid a fire.  Fixing this problem is important to your families’ safety.

3. Ground Fault – A ground fault a type of short circuit. A ground fault occurs when the “hot” wire touches the ground wire on the side of a metal outlet box where it’s connected to the ground wire.  This not only trips the breaker but it actually burns the outlet.

We can diagnose and fix any tripping circuit breaker problems.  Fix it today.  You’ll be glad you called.

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