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The Importance of GFCI Circuits In Your Home

Homes today are filled with electric devices that are often used in the kitchen, bathrooms and outdoors. The close proximity of these devices to water sources is real concern. When a laptop, charging cell phone or other device falls comes in contact with water, electrocution is a real concern.

GFCI devices were designed to prevent electrocution from electrical appliances that come in contact with water. They are an part component of any home's electrical system and are required by law in most cities and towns in Ohio. Clover Electric can help you ensure that your home is protected with GFCI devices. We can help keep your family safe from the danger of accidental electrocution.

What are GFCI Devices?

GFCI is an acronym for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt. GFCI electrical receptacles and AFCI circuit breakers are outlets or circuit breakers that have  electrical circuits that can detect the symtoms of household electrical current problems before dangerous problems can occur.  When the device detects problems, it automatically cuts off electrical power, providing an critical layer of safety for your family.  

Regular circuit breakers are designed to protect your home's electrical system, not your family!  The amount of electricity that can kill a human is thousands of times less than the amount that would 'trip' a normal circuit breaker. Fuses and circuit breakers will not protect your family from being electrocuted. Think of GFCI receptacles as Anti-Electrocution Devices.

Do I Need GFCI Circuits In My Older Home?

Most homes built in the last 15 years are now required to have GFCI circuits wherever there is a close proximity to the grounding of a person.  Such places are; kitchen counter tops and center islands, within 6' of sinks or tubs, bathrooms, unfinished basements, garages and all outdoor outlets.

If your house was built before GFCIs were required, local building codes do not necessarily require them, but for your family's safety we highly encourage homeowners to upgrade to GFCI outlets. Having your older house retrofitted with GFCI protection is an inexpensive and simple process.

GFCI protection can be installed with GFCI receptacles, or with a whole circuit being equipped with GFCI circuit breaker.

What is an AFCI Device?

An AFCI protection device will detect arcing, conditions where electricity is being conducted over the air, and converted to heat and shut down the outlet before damage occurs.

AFCI protection is now required by law for electrical wiring that reaches sleeping areas.  These are areas where fires could start and catch people who are sleeping or otherwise unable to get out quickly.  Upcoming standards will require the entire house to have AFCI protection.

What's the Difference Between a GFCI and an AFCI Device?

AFCI protection is a lot like a GFCI outlet, but it protects against a different kind of danger.  Some types of electrical appliances are used to convert electricity into heat.  Sometimes, these devices will also produce heating where the device plugs into the wall.  This condition is called arcing.  You may see it when you quickly unplug a heat producing appliance, like an hair dryer, from an outlet while it is switched on.

Unlike GFCI devices, AFCI protection devices are not installed in your home's wall receptacles, but are built into your home's main electrical service panel as special circuit breakers.  Your house can easily be AFCI protected.

When it's time to upgrade the safety of your home's electrical system with GFCI and AFCI devices, call ABC.  A licensed and insured Clovera electrician will replace the circuit breakers for sleeping areas with AFCI circuit breakers and install GFCI outlets to protect your family from the risk of accidental electrical fires and electrocution.

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