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Home Electrical Inspections By Clover Electric

A comprehensive electrical inspection is essential when looking to buy a new home. Because the electrical system is so specialized it is best to have a licensed electrician do your electrical inspection and give you a written report. For over 30 years Clover Electric has been performing electrical inspections in Cleveland as well as the local suburbs. 

When to get a an Electrical or home wiring inspection

Clover Electric is known for its prompt electrical repair and other electrical services. We also handle home wiring inspections for residential and commercial properties. A regular electrical inspection is crucial. This is especially true for homes with old construction and wiring. This is also necessary when buying a house. A detailed inspection by trained electricians can help save homeowners a lot of money in the long run.

For example an elderly couple in Parma hired us to undertake an electrical inspection of a residential property they planned to purchase as their retirement home. They wanted to avoid any hidden costs that arise in new houses when electrical wiring is not properly installed. Our electricians thoroughly checked the house for any electrical problems and helped the elderly couple make the right choice for their new home.

For another family in Mentor, we provided emergency electrical inspection services when they suspected something was not right with the wiring in their house. The quick repair call to us saved the family a lot of hassle and also money.

Electrical services by Clover Electric

Clover Electric is dedicated to serve residential and commercial properties in Mentor, Parma and each of the other local Cleveland Ohio suburbs with efficient electrical services. Our electrical inspection services are excellent and we help homeowners save lots of money by taking care of any electrical problem and most importantly uncovering and issues before they become costly surprises. Our home wiring inspection services are excellent and our electricians are trained to handle all types of electrical repair.

Call us for a comprehensive WRITTEN Electrical Inspection Report.

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