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Do I Need An Electrician?

Electrical Installation ClevelandIf you’re like most people, you take your home’s electrical system for granted. You flip a switch, a light turns on. The problem is, you may be ignoring important signs of a potentially hazardous electrical situation.

An electrician should be called if you experience any of these residential electrical problems.

Circuit Breakers That Keep Tripping. This indicates that circuits are drawing more current than they can safely provide. It can also mean a dangerous electrical fault on one or more circuits.
Flickering or Dimming Lights. This can be caused by a number of things including damaged wiring. It can also happen if the electrical system in your house is outdated or strained by electrical appliances and lights. Running appliances like an air conditioner, microwave or hair dryer shouldn’t cause flickering or dimming of the lights. If they do, you have a problem that needs to be addressed right away.
Buzzing Switches or Outlets. If electrical outlets or switches make a slight buzzing noise, it could mean there’s loose wiring in the electrical box. Turn off the switch immediately to avoid a fire.
Hot Electrical Outlets or Switch Plate Covers. It's normal for some dimmer switches to feel warm to the touch, however if outlets and switches feel hot to the touch it indicates there’s an electrical wiring problem that should be checked by a licensed electrician as soon as possible.
Cleveland ElectriciansIf you experience any of these conditions, it’s critical that you call a qualified electrician to have it taken care of immediately.

Clover Electric has been part of the Northeast Ohio community for more than 30 years. Clover Electric provides electrical installations and repairs for both residential and commercial customers. Customers can rest assured any electrical repair in their home will be handled with care and expertise.

Remember, for the safety of you and your home, electrical problems need to be taken care of right away. Peace of mind is just a phone call away at 440-543-1153. You’ll be glad you called.
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