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Selling Your House? These Smart Home Upgrades Will Improve It's Appeal With Buyers

When preparing to sell your home, new flooring, a fresh coat of paint, and a tidy yard can create a good impression with potential homebuyers. Did you know that making your home "smarter" can also greatly improve its appeal?

Smart Lock
A recent study by Coldwell Banker found that homebuyers were looking for homes that included smart home upgrades. 77 percent of homebuyers seek out smart thermostats, 75 percent want smart smoke detectors, 66 percent look for smart home security cameras, and 63 percent want smart locks.

Here are some of the smart home devices that are popular with today's homebuyers.

Smart Thermostats

Nest Smart ThermostatOf all the smart home upgrades available, smart thermostats return the most bang for your buck. For a modest investment you can realize significant savings on your energy bill while improving the comfort in your home. In addition to offering precise heating and cooling control and scheduling, smart thermostats can learn your household routine and automatically adjust the temperature to reduce energy use while you're away. They also allow you to monitor your home's temperature, providing advanced warning should your heating system fail during freezing cold weather.

Smart Smoke/CO detectors

Make a good impression with potential homebuyers by installing smart safety devices, including smart smoke/CO detectors. Having your smoke detector connected to your smart phone offers a couple of advantages. First, you'll know when your alarms go off wherever you are. Second, you'll be able to remotely monitor the battery levels to know when it's time to replace the batteries.

You can even make your existing smoke/CO detectors smarter by installing a listening device that sends an alert to your phone when it hears your existing detectors go off.

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells provide security and peace of mind by automatically monitoring who's entering your home. When it detects motion or the doorbell rings, it sends an alert to your smartphone and saves a video clip of the activity.

Smart Locks

A great complement to a video doorbell is a smart lock. Enjoy auto-lock and unlock functionality when you enter and exit your home, as well as the ability to create temporary electronic keys for guests and contractors.

Smart Lightbulbs

Smart light bulbs combine the benefits of LED bulbs – low energy use, long life, and wide choice of color temperatures – with the complete control of a connected device. Installing smart lightbulbs are one of the easiest ways to start making your home smarter.

Tie all these devices together with your favorite smart speaker and you'll add a lot of safety, convenience and efficiency to your home – greatly improving it's appeal with potential homebuyers.

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