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Whole-Home Surge Protection FAQ

Keeping your home and property safe from electricial hazards is a top priority at Clover Electric. We have put together a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with comprehensive knowledge about whole-home surge protection, what they are and how they help protect your home.

What is Whole-Home Surge Protection?

Whole-home surge protection is a centralized device or system that protects a home’s electrical appliances and systems from unexpected and damaging voltage spikes. The source of these voltage spike includes lightning strikes, power outages, or other electrical disturbances both inside and outside the home.

Why Does My Home Need Surge Protection?

The Rising Need for Home Electronics Protection

With the increasing number of electronic gadgets and appliances in our homes, there's a growing need to ensure they are shielded from unexpected power surges. This not only ensures the longevity of your electronics but also protects your home from potential electrical fires.

Cost Savings

While there's an upfront cost to installing a whole-home surge protector, the savings from not having to replace damaged electronics or repair electrical systems is insurance that outweighs the initial investment.

How Does It Differ From Power Strips?

Centralized vs. Localized Protection

Power strips only protect the devices directly plugged into them, while a whole-home system safeguards every appliance in your home, from your refrigerator to your charging tablets.

Durability and Strength

While power strips offer basic protection, whole-home systems are built to endure larger surges, such as those from lightning strikes.

How Do I Install Whole-Home Surge Protection?

Because installing whole-home surge protection involves working on the electrical service panel, a certified electrician should perform the work.  Professional installation of whole-home surge protectors will ensure they are correctly integrated with your home's electrical system, ensuring the job is performed safely and effectively.

How Much Does Whole-Home Surge Protection Cost?

The cost of a whole-home surge protector can vary based on brand, model, and installation fees. On average, you might expect to spend between $300 to $700 for the device itself, with additional costs for professional installation.

How Often Should It Be Replaced?

Lifespan and Indicators

Most whole-home surge protectors will last between 5 to 10 years, depending on the number and intensity of the surges experienced. Some models come with indicators to alert homeowners when a replacement is needed.

Protecting your home from electrical surges is not just about safeguarding your electronics—it's about ensuring the safety and peace of mind for your family. At Clover Electric we install whole-home surge protection systems as well as other important safety devices including GFCI outlets, tamper resistant receptacles, and more.

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