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Protect Your Home From Explosive Gas Leaks With a Gas Leak Detector

Cleveland Combustible Gas Detection

Combustible gas detectors are more important to home safety than ever before. That’s  because the aging infrastructure delivering natural gas to our homes has become less and less reliable. Multiple gas line explosions in Massachusetts last month serve as a wake-up call for all of us.

Gas leaks can occur in the gas line leading the home as well as from gas appliances like water heaters, furnaces, dryers and gas kitchen appliances. When a gas leak occurs in a gas line it can quickly fill a home, to the point where even a a tiny spark can ignite the fumes.

The most common way to recognize a natural gas or liquid propane leak from the smell. However, even if you have a good sense of smell, there is still a risk you will not be aware of a gas leak, including:
  • Having a cold or sinus congestion
  • You are a smoker or live with smokers
  • Their are other odors in the home, such as in the kitchen when cooking.
  • Gas lines pass through an unoccupied basement or crawlspace
An electronic gas analyzer can detect gas leaks well below what a person is able to detect.

Combustible Gas Detectors For the Home

As with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, a gas detector provides a crucial early warning that provides you with precious minutes to evacuate your family from the home and seek help.

A combustible gas leak detector is extremely sensitive, with a detection range of 0 to 100% below explosive limit. When gas is detected is responds within seconds with an audible alarm to warn you of a problem before it reaches potentially explosive levels.

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