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Cleveland Gutter Heat and Ice Melt Systems

Cleveland Gutter Heat Ice Melt Systems

Ice dams can do a lot of damage to your home. Clover Electric has the solution. We install roof and gutter de-icing systems that maintain a continuous path for roof snow melt to drain from the roof through the gutter and downspouts. Our system provides an extra benefit in the fact that they are self-regulating and automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature variations making this the very best roof and gutter de-icing system for your home.

What Causes Ice Dams?

Inside the home warm air rises and escapes through the ceiling and roof. If there isn't sufficient insulation between the roof and the snow outside, the snow on the roof can melt, causing the water to flow down to the coolest part of the roof where it refreezes. This newly formed ice causes a dam, or heavy mound of ice. The dam causes any additional melted water to accumulate behind the dam, where it can enter the roof, causing water leaks and damage inside your home.

Ice dams can also drip and refreeze over gutters, resulting in icicles. These icicles can add excessive weight to your gutter system, bending or even pulling the gutters right off your home. This can lead to extensive damage to both the gutters and your home's exterior.

Preventing Ice Dams

Gutter heat systems are an effective way to prevent ice accumulation in and around a home's gutters. Adding a self-regulated heating element to gutters melts away heavy ice and snow during the winter, preventing expensive damage to your home. Installing gutter heat system is a job best left to a professional electrician. Clover Electric installs gutter heat systems throughout the Greater Cleveland area. So before the cold weather arrives this fall, have the electrical pros at Clover Electric install a gutter heat system on your home. When the snow begins to fall on your roof this winter you'll be glad you called!
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