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Are You Buying A Home?  Not All Electrical Inspections are the Same.

Cleveland Home Electrical InpsectionsIf you’re planning on buying a home, an inspection is a critical step to make sure you’re not buying someone else’s problems.  You could have a city, county or private inspector look it over, but you have to ask how much do they really know about today’s complicated electrical systems.  Calling Clover Electric BEFORE you buy could save you thousands of dollars.

Home buyer/seller inspections typically cover all of the obvious things like leaky roofs, broken windows, cracked foundations and some simple plumbing, HVAC and electrical problems.  But, if you really want to know if the home you’re considering buying is up to electrical code and is in good working order, you need to bring in a highly skilled electrician from Clover Electric.

Expecting a jack-of-all-trades home inspector to know everything about your electrical system is a dangerous proposition.  The Electricians at Clover Electric have years of experience servicing and maintaining residential electrical systems.   They participate in on-going training that keeps them current on the latest electrical issues, techniques and bulletins.  

Here are Just a Few Things Clover Electric Will Inspect

  • Electrical Panel Including Connections to Service
  • Proper Home Grounding
  • Damage from Water, Insects or Animals
  • Wiring Throughout the Home
  • Outlets, Switches, Light Fixtures
  • Testing and Aging GFCI Outlets
  • Cycling of Appliances
  • Testing and Aging of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Age of Electrical System (They don’t last forever)
  • Presence of Aluminum or Knob and Tube Wiring
  • Future Expansion Options
This important inspection could reveal something about the home you just don’t want to deal with.  OR, it could give you legitimate negotiating room if you have your heart set on the home.  Either way, you’re going in to the buying process armed with the best information available about the electrical system.
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