Outlets In Drawers

Outlets In Drawers

Yes, Clover Electric can install an outlet inside a drawer. Now, the power cords for your hair dryer, curling iron and razor are always neatly tucked away and out of site!

The latest trend in electrical design is the placement of an electrical outlet in a drawer. They’re great for hiding wires for anything you need to plug in. In the bathroom you can hide a hair dryer, razor or toothbrush charger. In the kitchen, appliances such as blenders, mixers, food processors, etc. can be hidden away. Or, how about a drawer and outlet dedicated to all of your phone and tablet chargers?

We use special UL approved outlets specifically designed for use in drawers. They include a thermostat which will cut power if the temperature in the drawer gets to high from a hair dryer or curling iron left on by accident.

Clover Electric is here to make your life and home more comfortable. Outlets in drawers make life more convenient!
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