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Kitchen Remodeling Electrical Upgrades

Remodeling your Kitchen? Here are a few ways to improve comfort and convenience.

Under cabinet lighting

If you're remodeling your kitchen there are many choices you'll need to make about design, colors, materials and finishing touches. One of the most important considerations is deciding what electrical upgrades will be needed.

Appliance Hookups & Panel Upgrades

Whether you're upgrading to newer, higher powered appliances, or relocating appliances to a new location, you may need to install additional 220 outlets and breakers to handle the load. Ovens, electric ranges, refrigerators and other large appliances should have dedicated circuits to prevent overloading your electrical panel.

Ventilation is important in kitchens to prevent the buildup of humidity, odors and oil residue. Having a large, efficient exhaust fan installed over the range can make the air much healthier.

Outlets & Switches

Local code requires kitchen to have GFCI outlets (ground fault circuit interrupter) to prevent electrical shock in the event that an outlet be exposed to water. To ensure there is always an outlet nearby, consider additional installing receptacles under counters and cabinets. USB outlets are another great option in kitchens, enjoy the convenience of plug in your tablet or phone without needing an adapter.


When upgrading to LED light fixtures you'll be pleased at how many options you have. Unobtrusive, low profile lights under cabinets and spotlights hidden in recessed ceiling fixtures can create a dramatic look for your new kitchen. LED bulbs typically last between 25,000 and 50,000 hours. This long lifespan is a real advantage if your kitchen has high ceilings, making replacing light bulbs a hassle. Consider adding LED lights inside cabinets and drawers to make it easier see what's inside.

Some LED bulbs can be connected to smartphone apps, allowing you to easily control the intensity and color of each fixture.

Whether your remodeling your kitchen and bath, or just need a few new outlets installed, call Clover Electric. You'll Be Glad You Called!
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