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240 Volt Outlet Installation Cleveland

What is a 240-Volt Outlet?

220 volt outlet smWe're all familiar with the common 120-volt outlet that are found in every room of our home and have a stand three-prong outlet (or two-prong if it's an older home). While 120 volts is the standard that powers most of the electrical devices in our home, from TVs to phone chargers and light fixtures, there are some electrical appliances that required more power to operate.

Appliances That Use 240-Volt Outlets

Large, motor-driven appliances typically require more power and therefore run off a 240-volt power supply. It's common to need a 240-volt outlet installed if you purchase one of the following items:
You can tell a 120-volt and 220-volt outlet apart by the size and configuration. A standard outlet has a 120-volt wire and a neutral wire that delivers power using one phase of your electrical service. A 240-volt outlet is larger, with rounded tops, and employs two 120-volt wires, plus a neutral wire. 240-volt plugs have four prongs. However, in older homes you may find 3-prong plugs without a ground.

If yu have older, ungrounded 220-volt outlets, Clover Electric can rewire your appliances with four-wire plugs and install four-prong 240-volt outlets to ensure they are safe and compatible with newer appliance plugs.
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