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Electric Vehicle Plug-Ins

Electric Vehicle Plug-In

Clover Electric leads the way in designing and installing electric charging stations in garages for electric vehicles.   Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of a charging station in your garage.

Do you own an electric vehicle? If so, you know how inconvenient it is to wrangle the charger and plug. Imagine an easy-to-use, custom installed charger for your electric vehicle. Since most electric vehicle owners do more than 80% of their charging at home it only makes sense to make it easy and convenient.

Charging in a single-family home, usually in a garage or driveway, allows you to take advantage of low, stable residential electricity rates. The cost to run your car over the course of a year can be less than running an air conditioner!

This isn’t a DIY job. Proper permitting is required. Call Clover Electric and enjoy the convenience of a professionally install electric vehicle charging station in your garage.
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