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Silver Lake Light Switch Dimmer Installation

As electrical technology continues to advance and improve Clover Electric is with you every step of the way to make technology for for you. Looking to improve your home's lighting? Upgrading to LED lighting offers a host of advatages, including: increased efficiency, smart device connectivity, longer lifespan, and more compact applications. We can even install unobtrusive LED lighting inside your kitchen drawers and cabinets.

Electric Car Charging Stations

Whether you have a Tesla or other brand of plug-in electric car, we can help provide fast, high-performace charging from the convenience of your home. To qualify a Tesla Certified Residential Car Charging Station Installation Partner, Clover Electric must meet strict quality, permitting, and inspection procedures. Before installing your charging station our electricians will evaluate your service panel and the location where your charger will be installed and perform any needed electrical upgrades, such as dedicated circuits,  to ensure you enjoy years of safe, reliable charging.

Gutter Heat & Ice Melt Systems

Gutter and Roof Ice Melt Systems

Winters in the Greater Cleveland Area can be hard on your home. Ice dams in particular can do extensive damage to your roof, attic and interior walls if allowed to repeatedly thaw and refreeze. The solutions is to install a roof and gutter de-icing system. Gutter heat provides a safe and effective means for roof snow to melt and drain from the roof through gutters and downspouts. Our system provides an extra benefit in the fact that they are self-regulating and automatically adjust the power output to compensate for temperature variations – making our system the very best roof and gutter de-icing system available for your home.

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